Monday, November 18, 2013

More nursery progress!!

With two showers this past weekend and our crib's timely arrive on Saturday (thanks, Grandma!), our nursery is looking a lot more finished!

We didn't buy a crib mattress yet, and I haven't hemmed the off-white curtains for the windows or sheer lace panel for the closet, but the furniture is set up and organized. The baby clothes piles are growing, but I have a few drawers laid out by clothing size and there's a pile of stuff to wash first.

My next task, after the curtain hemming, is to nail everything onto the gallery wall. I'm having some trouble deciding how to lay things out in a way that best utilizes the already-existing holes... Ha.

Sometime in the future I'm excited to do a budget breakdown. Since we didn't repaint the room and the previous owners had already redone the closet and ceiling, this has been a fairly cheap room makeover. Not to mention that we have received SO many generous gifts.
P.S. Don't the little books look perfect on those shelves? <3

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