Tuesday, November 19, 2013

maternity clothing, 2

What better time than week 30 of this pregnancy to chat a little about maternity clothing? Am I right?

I wrote a post a while back, when I'd only purchased a couple items and had received a few as gifts. So far it's still been working for me to wear a mix of "maternity" clothes, things I already had, and some new stuff purchased in larger sizes.

Here's the official maternity stuff I now own:
GAP cords, GAP skinny jeans, 3 Target maternity tanks, black maternity leggings, 2 shirts from ASOS, a winter coat from ASOS, 3 shirts from Motherhood maternity.

Some things I wear more now than I ever did pre-pregnancy:
Navy cords from TJMaxx (Tommy Hilfiger brand),  Merrel hiking shoes/sneakers I got on clearance at DSW at least 18 months ago, 2 v-neck Ts from Madewell, long sleeved tissue Ts from Target.

Items that are working great with this bump that I totally didn't expect:
Gray Xhilaration leggings in size large (WAY more comfortable than maternity leggings!), pink hoodie from the men's section at Target, accessories (scarves, hats, necklaces, big earrings, etc. etc. etc.), new black boots I bought with some b-day money, high brown boots Joel got me over a year ago. and my old/raggedy skinny jeans that are not going to fit much longer and actually have multiple holes in the knees. Darn.

And now for some favorite outfit shots:

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