Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pregnancy: week 28

Week 28
28 centimeters of belly which matches being 28 weeks pregnant*
1 adorable onesie arriving from Texas relatives

2 hours at the Academy of Music downtown watching the off-Broadway performance of Once (!!!)
3 evening walks
5 times being told "Oh, now you actually look pregnant!"
2 tiny feet that consistently are kicking way up above my belly button. I can kind of grab her little heels & I love it!
1 crib ordered and on its way to our door (it had gone "out of stock" and I was super nervous about starting my research all over again!)
20 minutes spent organizing all the baby clothing into size
30 minutes spent rocking & snuggling Baby 'Berts friend Lily who lives right down the road #therapeutic

*File this away under "Things I love about my birth place"... My midwife explained that at checkups they measure your belly and the number of centimeters should about match up with the number of weeks pregnant you are. (ie: 28 centimeters for 28 weeks) However, she wisely noted that due to my long torso, I may not always measure that exactly and said she won't be alarmed unless I stop growing in general. I really appreciate her calm, rational perspective, along with the way she patiently explains things I don't already know or understand.

Other great prenatal appointment news:
- Baby is head down! That's why her heels are driving me crazy way up high, which I really don't mind, as long as she stays head down for at the next 11+ weeks.
- Also, I don't have gestational diabetes! My glucose levels are all normal. Yay.
- My iron level is 11.8, which is close to ideal (12.0). I can eat more peas and leafy greens to get it a little higher, but it's hard to get to 12.0, apparently. I had NO idea how important iron is in labor, delivery, post-partum, but I'm so so glad that my iron levels are already high!
- I got a rhogam shot, because my blood type is B- and I'm missing some kind of protein. This could cause a problem in pregnancy if Joel's blood type has that protein and the baby has it, too. My body could view the baby as a foreign object and attack it. Or something. Regardless, I got the shot so we don't need to worry about it until after delivery and the baby's blood type has been recorded.
- Getting a social security card and birth certificate for the baby sounds so easy! The birth center has all the forms, which we complete once she's born and they send out to all the appropriate places. Phew, that's a big relief.

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