Saturday, November 2, 2013

pregnancy: week 27

Week 27
60 minutes waiting to get my blood taken after drinking the sweet orange syrup for the glucose test
1 tiny trick-or-treater stopping by our house. Yes, that's right. One.
0 progress made on the nursery. I'm stuck in a funk there.
4 mornings eating oatmeal for breakfast
3 second graders asking if I'm having a baby... "Miss, are you pregnant?!" :)
5 third graders who mistakenly told their teacher I'm having a boy
7 hours of sleep per night, average. I don't think that's quite enough.
3 middle-of-the-night wake ups to pee or adjust my sore body
0 leg cramps!
4 episodes of "Parenthood" watched. 2 of which made me cry. Doh!

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