Monday, December 23, 2013

on loss and love: a letter to my daughter

Dear little one,

Within the last two weeks I have lost two pastor friends who I know would have loved to meet you.

One was hoping you'd be born on his birthday, this coming January. The other invested in me during three critical college years- teaching me about love and marriage and teaching and urban ministry.

My heart breaks that you won't know these two great people.

I weep for their families, their children, their spouses. I mourn that their ministry will not continue; that they won't be furthering the Kingdom with their love and passion.

My heart aches to consider you facing loss someday, little worm. I am blown over by the thought of your heart breaking, of people you love dying, of others hurting you deeply. As sad as I am for myself over losing these two sweet friends, what strikes me harder is my love for you... my desire to protect you and keep you from harm.

But what I have learned from these two friends, as they taught from the pulpit and with their lives, is a lesson of God's faithfulness. Of God's constant care and sovereign plan for his people. Of God's presence in grief and in celebration.

We're entering a season of celebration, baby girl, and we're so, so excited to meet you!
Your dad and I know you will face hardship and loss some day. We know we can't protect you from the suffering that life on earth brings. But we serve a God who cares, who sent his son for us, whose power and love overshadow even death and pain and heartache.

So just know that whatever loss and grief you will face, we will point you as best as we can toward Jesus. And we'll tell you stories about Terry and about Joanne, and the way they lived for Him.


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