Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby' first shoes

I have resisted buying baby shoes for the last nine months. Babies don't need shoes for a while and you never know when they'll fit certain sizes. Plus, feet grow fast and shoes are expensive.

But baby shoes are darn cute and it's been nearly impossible to resist them so long.

Two weeks from this little one's due date and I finally caved. I bought these tiny Toms at a used clothing store yesterday. 10 bucks, y'all!
They're in perfect condition (just need a run through the washer!) and are gender-neutral in case any future kid comes along to wear 'em. I'm thrilled to have held out for this long and I'm extra thrilled that my daughter's first pair of shoes are navy blue velcro-strap Toms.

Here are a few other darling shoes I've been eying but haven't let myself buy.
Just a little eye candy for your Thursday...

1. Mini fringed moccasins

2. Gray moccasins

3. Toms Botas (more gray!)
4. Red baby converse

Now that I'm looking through these pictures, I'm realizing none of these shoes are especially feminine. Okay, maybe the fringed booties.... But I really like the idea of my kiddos passing down shoes from one to the next as they grow out of them. Also, neutral shoes balance out the insane amount of girly clothes we've been given. I imagine wanting a little gray, red, and brown (and navy!) to go along with all the pink...

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