Friday, January 17, 2014

pregnancy: week 38

Week 38
35 minutes with the midwife who gave us lots of information about being in labor and encouraged us to soak up these moments together, just the two of us

2 hours on a field trip so my kids could learn to ice skate (NO, I didn't join them!)
3 loads of laundry folded in the nursery, just because I like hanging out in there
1 little worm who is hanging out posterior (aka: face up, along my back, NOT the ideal position for labor!)
2 parents-to-be who are praying for this girl to flip herself around and be anterior before she makes her grand entrance, thank you very much.
10 minutes at a time, three nights in a row, spent rocking on all fours in a small attempt to help baby wiggle around (Joel came in and said, "Are you okay?!" Ha!)
1 care package from a sweet, sweet friend for little 'Berts, including a sushi onesie that says, "This is how I roll" :)
sushi image here

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  1. Praying she turns on her own! You look fantastic! Hope you are feeling well.