Sunday, January 19, 2014

the waiting game

Yes, I'm still going to church. Yes, I'm still teaching. No, the baby hasn't arrived. No, I don't know whether I'm dilated or effaced yet. Yes, everything in the nursery is ready. Yes, my classroom is completely set for a sub to take over at any time. Yes, I'm scared stiff. No, I'm not prepared for the pain of childbirth. No, I don't have any idea how big this child will be. Yes, I'm excited. Yes, I put together the new (awesome!) travel crib my co-workers surprised me with last Friday. Yes, I took it down shortly afterward so our basement wasn't overrun with baby stuff.

These answers and more have crossed my lips or my mind in the last few days. We're one week from our "due date" and baby could arrive any time. I fully anticipate she could be "late" and I could still be waiting almost three weeks from today. I'm antsy and nervous and excited and uncertain and utterly breathless with joy & anticipation.

So the real question becomes this: how do I play the waiting game well?

How do I love Joel tenderly when my mind is so focused on the unknowns of life to come?
How do I communicate with my friends and family about things other than this little child?
How do I focus my mind enough to pray for the needs of others?
How do I sleep when nothing is comfortable?
How do I honor the Lord with my time, my energy, my heart?

These questions and more are ever-present as I meander through this waiting game. 

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