Friday, January 24, 2014

pregnancy: week 39

week 39
2 snow days
1 treacherous drive home from work that took 2 hours instead of 50 minutes!
2 babies shown off on Facebook who were supposed to be born AFTER our baby, not before! :)
11 hours of sleep one night!
1 darling baby hat arriving in the mail
15 minutes walking around town on perhaps the coldest night this month
Some pre-natal appointment stats:
0 pounds gained this week (as opposed to 3.5 pounds last week!)
0 centimeters dilated but 50% effaced (as of Wednesday morning)

5 nights of rocking on all fours, sitting on my birth ball, and leaning forward in hopes of turning our girl anterior. It worked! At Wednesday's appointment, the baby's head was way down and her back was along my left side! Hooray!

Joel and I are both so ready to meet this little one! We talk regularly about how she'll look, what she'll be like, how it will be to have a new person in our home... I'm getting more and more uncomfortable and we're both just trying to keep our minds occupied while we wait.

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