Thursday, January 2, 2014

one month out: to-do list

In less than 6 weeks, Joel and I will be parents.

I hope it's a little sooner than that, because our due date is actually 25 days from now, but we have to acknowledge that little 'Berts could take her sweet time leaving her cozy, watery home in my belly. So, 6 weeks= max!

Things are really coming together and I think both of us are pretty ready to get this show on the road.

Today Joel assembled the cradle someone let us borrow and I typed out some notes about birth that we'll take with us on delivery day. I also added a few diapers in the next size up to her bag, just in case this girl is somehow really big. Joel also put together the bag he's taking to the birth center- complete with some clothes he doesn't mind throwing away because the midwife told him yesterday that things could get messy :)

Because I love lists, here are a few things still to do:
1. Go to the local breastfeeding resource center. My friend (hi, Andrea!) gave me her breast pump, but it needs some replacement parts that they sell at the center. Plus, I'll be able to get a few more supplies and also just say hello to the lactation consultants there.
2. Cross our fingers that the final shipment from Target arrives soon. We ordered a humidifier for the nursery as well as some washable waterproof pads for changing diapers on.... they are still not here, over a week after ordering. Ick.
3. Buy a few post-partum supplies for me to use in recovering from labor/delivery.
4. Wash the 2 spare crib sheets and the cradle mattress pad/sheet. Those and the tiny pair of leggings I couldn't resist buying for $2 on the GAP clearance rack...
5. Get the rest of our cloth diapers. I'm heading to the local cloth diaper store on Friday to stock up. We won't use them for a month or so, but it'll be good to have them here, washed and ready at that point.
6. Sleep. Relax. Go on dates. Hang out with friends.

Basically, that's it. We're as ready as we can be.

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