Saturday, January 4, 2014

pregnancy: week 36

Would you just look at this bump?!
I can't believe I thought my belly was big last month. AND the month before that. Holy smokes, we are growing! I'm super curious how much this little worm weighs and how tall she's going to be!

Week 36
35 minutes with the midwife who said the heartbeat is strong and my fundal height is 36 centimeters- perfect!
6 inches of snow in less than 24 hours
0 days of school
1 package arriving from Target which contained our humidifier and washable changing pads!! 
2 parents-to-be who managed to stay up till midnight on New Years Eve!
9 hours of sleep per night, average (vacation is awesome!)
3 pounds gained since our last midwife appointment two weeks ago
1 blood sample taken & 1 mini bruise that lasted about a week
3 nights eating pizza for dinner

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