Friday, February 21, 2014

Driving Miss Charlotte

Today is Charlotte's three week birthday! Three weeks ago at this time we had just met our little worm and were already falling deeply in love. I was sore as heck, though, so I'm happy to be three weeks postpartum now. :)

In these last three weeks Joel and I have really started to figure out our kid. We have learned some ways to soothe her and what makes her tick. We know what she loves. And what she hates.

One of the funniest things is that she sometimes screams in the car (which isn't funny!) but if you crank up the instrumental lullaby cd, OR a blank radio station that only plays static, super duper loud, she settles down and usually falls asleep. So when you are driving Miss Charlotte, it's a good idea to tune to the static station!

Anyway, a list, for your Friday afternoon reading...

Charlotte hates:
Being put in her car seat. Like, she hates it. Screams bloody murder.
Waking up too fast. Girl is like her dad and enjoys taking her time to greet the day.
Waiting to eat. You know the word "hangry"? (Hungry/angry)... Well, when Charlotte wakes up that is what she is.
Being cold.
When Mom and Dad can't figure out what she wants. Immediately. Ha.
Getting her diaper changed before she is fed.
Tummy time.

Charlotte likes:
Her hands. This little one finds so much comfort from having her hands all tucked up next to her face.
White noise. Instrumental lullabies. Fans. Static on the car radio cranked full blast. Etc.
Eating. Either directly from the source, or from a bottle, which she has mastered in the last week since we first introduced some pumped milk so dad could feed her, too. As of this past Monday, Charlotte weighed about 8 pounds 5 ounces. We are so proud!
Snuggling with dad.
Bouncing, walking, generally being on the move.
Looking around, mostly to the left but we are getting her to turn to the right sometimes, too.
Listening to music on the iPad.
Sleeping 3.5 to 4 hours at night. Praise The Lord!
Her Halo sleep sack and the Miracle Blanket- both definitely contribute to sleeping well!
Being outside- even when it's super cold, if she is bundled up she is happy for the fresh air.

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