Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What I did all day

Yesterday I picked Joel up from work to go to the eye doctor and was attempting to tell him about my day...

"Um, Charlotte ate around 8:15."
" I took a nap, but just a short one because she woke up hungry"
"Melissa came over for lunch and we chatted."
"I fed Charlotte."
"She peed all over the changing pad. I gave her half a sponge bath; keeping her legs covered while I scrubbed the milk out of her neck crevices..."
"Oh! We hung out in her room. Charlotte looked at her play gym while I folded laundry."
"I gave Charlotte a bottle. She made a mess, but is getting the hang of it."

"Well, actually, I don't really know what I did all day..."

Basically, my days involve feeding Charlotte a lot. And resting when I can. Doing a couple small chores. Maybe running one errand. Maybe playing around online. And feeding Charlotte, changing her, hanging out with her. Just gazing at Charlotte, thinking how beautiful she is and how freaking blessed I am right now.

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  1. Aw, as it should be! :) So glad you get this time with her, and hopefully you aren't feeling any pressure to do any more than what you can on any given day. Loving all your updates… she is precious :)