Friday, April 11, 2014

two months old!

On Monday we went to Charlotte's two month pediatrician visit. Technically, she's 9.5 10 weeks now, but our visits are off by a week.

I've decided to start doing monthly baby updates, similar to these.

Charlotte weighs 11 pounds, 5.5 ounces, which is about 2 pounds bigger than last month. That puts her right about average for weight, in the 50th percentile.

She was 23.5 inches long, which is the 95th percentile for height. Joel was a very proud dad, despite the doctor saying she didn't put much stock in height measurements. Ha.

She wears mostly 3 month clothing, but many of her PJs in that size are now too short and she can't stretch her legs out fully!! Pants are better for her long legs, so she can wear those in any size.

Charlotte drinks breastmilk about 7 times a day. She eats at (approximately!) 8am, 11am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm, 7pm, and usually twice "in the middle of the night"... Often around 3am and then again around 6am.

This past week she slept through the night twice (!!!), waking up at 5am after going to bed around 8 the night before. Last night, though, she made me pay for all that delicious sleep and woke up at 12:30, then again at 4:30. Darn. :)

She goes to bed pretty easily most of the time. For naps, she can fall asleep on her own after being put in her crib sleepy but awake. She often takes a nap in her car seat/stroller if we are out and about, OR she snoozes in a carrier while Joel or I wear her around. She really seems to relax if one of us is wearing her and sometimes falls asleep in 2 minutes once she's in the carrier! It's so funny and cute!

Charlotte sleeps in her Halo sleepsack at night and wears her MiracleBlanket to sleep for crib naps. She has started to break out of her swaddle a little more often lately, so I wonder if the end is in sight for that... She very rarely uses a pacifier while sleeping, but sometimes it helps her to get settled in for a nap.

She has really started to enjoy her wake time recently. She smiles at us, lays on her back and kicks happily, listens to music, "watches" baseball on TV with Dad, hangs out on her tummy (for short times!), chills in her swing, snuggles with us, and looks around constantly. Joel is at home with her this week and told me that she is very interested in being outside; sometimes they walk into the back yard together and Charlotte looks around while Joel chases away the rabbits.

Charlotte hasn't had any health problems in her life so far. A few weeks ago I noticed her sniffling a lot while nursing and a couple times I had to suck snot out of her nose, but we tried using the humidifier during naps in addition to nighttime. That seems to have worked because she isn't sniffly anymore. Sadly, the antibiotic I'm taking to clear up a nasty cough I caught at school seems to be messing with Charlotte's little digestive system. Her messy diapers have been incredibly wet and runny, which may be the reason she woke up so early last night!Yesterday Joel put some infant probiotic powder (per the pediatrician's recommendation) in her first bottle. We'll see if that helps!

One thing we're keeping an eye on is that the left side of her head is slightly flatter than the right. This is due to her preference for looking to one side (the left!), which is common in babies. We've been told to have her do tummy time more often during the day and to help her stretch her neck out to the right. We also turn her head to the right when putting her to bed and I sometimes sneak into her room before we go to sleep to make sure it's still turned!

Awesome stuff!
Charlotte is a super smiley baby nowadays! She grins from ear to ear, especially if she's laying on her back, looking up at us! She also makes excited little noises when she's having a good time.

Yesterday Joel brought her to school to meet my students and colleagues. She was very calm and pleasant as she looked around the classroom and had her feet touched by 20 fourth graders :)

Lately when she's nursing at night she stretches her arm up toward me and then relaxes so deeply that her hand stays up, tucked under my shirt. It's so precious and calming and I adore it so much!

Last week Grandmommy Nelson discovered that Charlotte loves to listen to music! She was chilling on the ottoman, listening to the "Tracy Chapman" station on Pandora. Then, on Sunday, she was awake at the beginning of the church service and hung out happily in her Sakura Bloom sling during the singing. When the worship leader stopped to pray, though, Charlotte got fussy and had to leave the sanctuary. :)

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