Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The first cold

I am very sad to report that Charlotte has gotten her first cold.

We first noticed some stuffiness and a slight cough on Thursday morning and it progressed over the weekend. Yesterday she was so congested in the afternoon that she was sleeping all the time and wouldn't nurse. When I called our pediatrician from my friend Mandy's apartment in Baltimore, the nurse said we should come in.

Charlotte was examined by the gentlest, kindest man who reassured me that she had a bad cold and severe congestion, but that was all. Her lungs are clear and she isn't having difficulty breathing. He suggested saline drops and a regular use of the snot sucker, especially before trying to feed her.

We had a really rough night last night because Charlotte was too stuffy to eat well and she struggled to settle down after I suctioned her nose. Then she coughed and puked up an entire feeding onto me and the bed. Our poor girl was so sleepy and congested and upset. It's so heartbreaking to have a baby who can't breathe well.

Today was better. Charlotte took three good naps and ate full feedings throughout the day. Tonight she had a tough time settling down, but slept until 4:20am.

Poor little thing. Being sick calls for lots of snuggles and some naps in the carriers.


  1. Get well soon, Charlotte! You are so cute--I wouldn't have had a clue that you weren't feeling well. Hope you're enjoying the extra snuggles, Kelly!

  2. You have the nosefrieda snotsucker right? Miles had a stuffy nose a few months ago when he was getting his first few teeth. That thing was a life saver! He didn't exactly love it (i had to pin his arms down with my legs and hold his head still with one hand!) but it was worth it because he could breath so much better with a clear nose. Best of luck with miss Charlotte!