Monday, June 16, 2014

Playing with the bib

Sometimes when Charlotte is awake, I find myself looking at blogs, or reading something silly online, or just spending a few minutes scrolling through my friends' pictures on Facebook. I feel a guilty twinge, thinking, "I could be playing with Charlotte right now!" Or "Oh, Charlotte will see me using the iPad and become addicted to technology."

But then I look up to see my child playing with HER BIB!

Happily grabbing for it, kicking her little toes, tipping over because she's been sitting propped up on pillows but is getting tired and starting to slouch...

Charlotte is so happy to play and learn and discover. She doesn't need me constantly entertaining her. She needs me to be attentive and engaging and kind. She needs me to talk to her, smile at her, and cuddle her close. She needs me to selflessly give of my time, my energy, and my agenda.

But she also needs me to teach her. To teach her independence and creativity. She needs me to let go and give her space to think and observe and explore. She needs me to be slightly distracted sometimes so she can do her thing without me hovering. She needs me to let her roll all over her crib so she learns to do it, even if every once in a while she needs a little rescue :)

I really want to raise a happy, peaceful, independent girl. My hope is for Charlotte to enjoy time with others, especially with her family. But I also hope she will learn to play by herself, to be at peace in the quiet, and to be self-reliant enough that she doesn't need constant entertainment.

Because really... a bib can be so much fun!

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