Monday, June 16, 2014

What's in my diaper bag: the let down

Have any of you read those "what's in my diaper bag" posts?! You haven't? It's just me?! Oh, right...

Okay, so diaper bag posts seem to be a huge source of knowledge and organization and personal preferences, all wrapped into one. Choosing the best diaper bag is an actual process and deciding what goes in the diaper bag is a whole different process. Bloggers photograph the contents of their bags and write reviews of their top diaper bag picks.

Then there's my diaper bag. Womp womp.

Joel's aunt gave us a really nice, navy blue, over the shoulder bag with a clean, white lining inside. My first thought was that it would be gender neutral and that Joel wouldn't mind carrying it. I was right. My second thought was that the classy gold zipper would be so nice for keeping the contents under wraps. Thirdly, I thought how organized I could keep my items because the bag had many interior pockets.
Here's the reality: I have way too much junk in this bag. I rarely need the items I keep inside. Having so many pockets makes it hard to remember where each item is stored. My amazing jogging stroller doesn't have an undercarriage bin that's tall enough for the bag to stand upright. I never close the zipper because it's always stuffed too full. Whenever possible, I leave my bag in the car and just take my wallet/keys inside wherever I'm going. It's so awkward to carry Charlotte in her car seat AND the diaper bag all together.

I haven't come up with a solution to this debacle, but I'm brainstorming as we speak. Er. As I type. Cleaning out the bag regularly, maybe? Switching to a backpack? Carrying just a diaper and wipes in my purse? Sticking to my current solution? Reorganizing? Buying a little clutch I can tuck inside the diaper bag where I can keep my keys, wallet, phone, etc.? 

I'll keep you updated. 


  1. It's funny, I read this post seconds after I was looking at diaper bags online. I'd love to hear what solution you come to!

    1. Hi Lorena, don't know what you decided, but we have switched to a backpack we already have. It's on the small side and is used for hiking so it fits snugly to my back which I like. I use the front pocket mostly for my stuff so I don't have to dig for my keys in the big black hole. The backpack also has a laptop spot so we put all the diapering supplies there... Changing pad wipes, diapers plastic bag, etc. So far this has been a great solution! It's out of the way on my back when I carry Charlotte's car seat. :)

  2. I must live under a rock. I haven't read one of these posts....but now I'm intrigued. I'll have to link up to your blog and do a post on our diaper bag too :)

    1. If you haven't already, google "what's in my diaper bag?" Ha!