Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dear Charlotte, 5

Dear baby,

You are awesome! I love the way you wiggle and kick while nursing. Little gymnast, maybe?! I can't wait to see what passions and interests you have. You don't currently seem to be at all interested in napping. But you usually sleep for 12 hours straight at night (so I don't really feel like it's legitimate to complain about the nap issue). 

I like how sometimes, when music is playing, you sit silently in your swing just staring into space. And listening. Then you randomly smile as if you like what Pandora is playing for your little ears. Then you get quiet again as you listen some more. 

We are pretty sure nobody will call you a laid back baby. You are on the move. Constantly. You are attentive and active and curious and sassy. Good thing you enjoy hanging out in carriers because otherwise my arms would be exhausted. 
Speaking of my arms, they are getting toned! Carrying you so much AND the occasional car seat swinging to lull you to sleep are making Momma buff! :) 

Recently we were shopping and you were fussing at me. I couldn't get a single smile! Then we ran into a friend and she took one look at you and got an enormous grin! I couldn't even be jealous because I was so shocked. "Mom, don't you realize you are boring me?" You seemed to be saying... :) 

One other thing I love?! Watching you and your daddio together. Yesterday you were so grouchy with me. But when Dad came in you gave him THE biggest grin. Then you sat quietly on the couch with him while the Tigers game was on. He was whispering to you and you were looking and listening and watching the TV. I glanced over, my heart burst, and I thanked my lucky stars for the two of you. 
Charlotte Adeline, I love you so much. Your five month old self is your best yet and I can't wait to see what our future holds. 

xoxo, Mom

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