Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ode to a ring sling

I've had my eye on the linen ring slings from Sakura Bloom for at least three years. To me they seem so luxurious and stylish... at the same time they are completely practical. My parents generously gave me this one for Christmas and I was beyond thrilled to try it out!

Sadly, it didn't get enough use the first month of Charlotte's life. Every time I tried to put it on to soothe an unhappy baby, my fumbling around made her cry more! The layers of fabric were super soft but I couldn't figure out the best length and positioning.
I wore her in the sling successfully a few times when she was already calm. She would sleep peacefully snuggled up to me, or just look around quietly while I did whatever task needed to be completed. However, the frequency with which I used the sling was far less than I had originally planned. 
Lately, though, my ring sling and I have become BFFs

I have totally gotten the hang of tucking Charlotte in quickly and tugging the fabric into place. She can sit in multiple positions, against multiple parts of me, and my hands can be completely free. She ADORES being able to look around while we traipse all over creation.

I think I've worn it every day since last Wednesday... In the airport, on the plane, on the train, into the basement with a laundry basket on my hip, down the street to pick up vanilla extract at the neighborhood market, in the backyard to get the dry diapers, around the grocery store, in the kitchen while I cleaned up, in Charlotte's room, into the front yard to get the mail, etc. etc. etc. 
Though my time as Momma has been short so far, I'm a die hard fan of ring slings and I'm definitely partial to the Sakura Bloom company. Their Facebook page is full of beautiful images and their slings are excellent quality. My ring sling was a wonderful gift and I look forward to many more years of snuggling to be enjoyed and memories to be made.

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