Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Things I'm reading

With a relaxed summer schedule and a babe who's at least trying to nap regularly, I've spent a few minutes at my computer screen lately (basically it's right next to Charlotte's room so I can go help her turn over when she gets stuck on her tummy during nap time!).

Here are few fun things I've been reading:

1. Trader Joe's recipes link-up via my friend Julie's blog
2. This amazing post about postpartum depression anxiety/rage. Can'
3. A sweet little guy rode a bike for the first time. Before his third birthday!! (I think the balance bike helped!)
4. These guidelines and this cookbook. SO excited for solids-- Charlotte is pumped!
5. My friend Meg's blog. I love seeing what her little guy is up to.
6. Eight tips (and some great perspective!) on camping with kids.
7. I tried her recipe, but adapted it to add some lactogenic ingredients. The cookies tasted good, but turned out flat. Not sure whether to blame the heat or the oatmeal/brewers yeast/flax I sneaked in. Next time I'm just making the cookies without worrying about boosting milk supply. Ha.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for mentioning my Trader Joe's Series, girlie! I swear, that baby is the cutest thing I've ever seen, except Jonathan, of course! : ) love you! When ya coming to Asheville?