Friday, July 18, 2014

summer bucket list: updated!

I wrote my summer bucket list about 2 months ago and we've already checked a few things off.
Summer 2014 has been good to us. Lots of sunny days, flexible schedules, a bouncing baby girl...

Here's the updated list:
  • Take Charlotte for a walk on the Wissahickon Trail
  • Play on the grass in our backyard
  • Make drinks using the mint in our backyard
  • Make meals using the basil in our backyard (I made a bunch of pesto and some bruschetta!)
  • Have friends over for campfires
  • Catch up on Parenthood (via Netflix; I hope I hope I hope!)
  • Go swimming! Charlotte has two tiny bathing suits calling her name! (Her suits no longer fit so she has another new one calling her name!)
  • Introduce Charlotte to lots of Joel's college friends and extended family in Michigan
  • Have date nights (Joel's father's day gift was for a big date, which is coming up soon! I'll take pictures and report back!)
  • Give Charlotte solid food (not until she's 6 months old, but that will be soon!)
  • Utilize our Philadelphia Zoo membership even more (Today will be Charlotte's 4th time!)
  • Ride bikes (this will have to be a date-- Charlotte's still too little & we don't have a seat for her!)
  • Transition Charlotte from her car seat base to actually sitting in the stroller w/o the car seat
 Recently added:
  •  Buy Charlotte some hilarious baby sunglasses. Put them on her adorable face. See how long she'll play happily before realizing it's far more fun to chew on sunglasses than to actually wear them.

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