Monday, July 21, 2014

baby favorites: six months in

Some of these are also on the lists I made at three months, or at two weeks. I'll just skim over the repeats and add a few more things we are absolutely loving at Charlotte's half birthday (what?!!).

1. BOB stroller. Adore it. That's all.
2. Cloth diapers. Such a great investment!
3. IKEA play gym. I wrote about this when Charlotte was three months old and she's still a huge fan. Lately she's been annoyed to stay on her back because it's such fun to be upright, but she can't sit on her own quite yet. So we prop her up with a couple pillows and let her grab at the play gym pieces. We also trade out the original parts for a few fun toys that connect using links (a ball, a bright crinkly blanket, a clean loofah I had sitting around--ha!)
4. Sakura Blooom ring sling. This is perhaps my favorite baby product! We love our Ergo, also, but it's too hot in the summer. My sling is made of linen and is relatively cool, even with a warm baby attached :)
5. Non-toys... an empty baby wipes bag, toothbrush travel case, burp cloths, blankets, etc.
6. Aden & Anais swaddle blankets. They are lightweight and PERFECT for so many things! We use ours as a stroller cover when it's time to nap, as a nursing/anti-distraction cover, to wipe spit up, to make a soft place for playing in the grass, for a fussy baby to chew on snuggle, etc. etc. I can't find the exact pattern we have, but I like these.
7. Sleep sacks. Charlotte has grown out of her medium size cotton Halo sleep sack and now uses this HUGE sleeping bag at night. It looks hilarious because it's way too wide for her, but she needs the length. She is so cozy at night in this thing, which is great because we run the AC in her room for cool/ noise coverage.
8. Links! We have this exact set and use them constantly. Charlotte can hold them easily (either one at a time, or a whole bunch connected together), she chews on them, they hold toys onto her car seat, we can attach them to her swing, etc.
I think that's it for my list... What are some of your favorite baby products?

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  1. Jogging stroller is a must!
    Sleep sacks too!
    I would add Boudreaux's butt paste and the toys that hang from the car seat to my list of necessities! We use both daily.