Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baby favorites: three months in

We're still big fans of all the things I raved about when Charlotte was two weeks old. But we have a few other items that are really making life grand at the Alberts house, so I want to let you know about them.

1. Bum Genius 4.0 diapers with snaps. These fit Charlotte's skinny legs at one month old and they are awesome! SO easy to put on! Nicely fitting, without too much bulk. Fun colors. So yeah, highly recommend these diapers.

2. Miracle blanket. Charlotte sleeps in this for naps. It's lighter weight than her sleep sack. Sadly, her legs are getting too long for it, so I often tuck a regular receiving blanket tightly around the bottom half of her body so she doesn't kick herself awake! (Edit: We do love the Miracle Blanket, but since I started typing this post, over a month ago, we have switched it out for a cotton Halo swaddle sleep sack in size small. It's slightly too wide for Charlotte, but the length is necessary. She sleeps in it for naps and at night.)

3. BOB Revolution stroller with adapter bar for Chicco car seats. WE LOVE OUR BOB! Holy smokes, this stroller is a beast. It's super flexible and sturdy and moves really easily-- even over snow! We haven't tried an actual run with Charlotte in the stroller yet, but we have taken many many walks and we love it so much.

4. This cheap foam bathtub pad. We bathe Charlotte in the tub... just put about 2 inches of water in there with this foam pad and she's good to go. She can rest on top of it and be wet/warm without getting covered in water. Bonus: when it's dry we use it on our bathroom counter to make the diaper changing area a bit softer.

5. ThinkBaby bottles. I don't know whether it's this specific bottle, the fact that we introduced it at 3 weeks old, or our kid is just awesome, but Charlotte takes these bottles very well. Lately I have been giving her a few ounces before nursing at night to help her get enough calories in before bedtime. She takes them from me no problem, then immediately latches on to nurse a minute later. Absolutely no nipple confusion has ever happened. We are thrilled!

6. IKEA play gym. This thing is rad! It's wooden, so looks nice in the living room, which is important to me. Charlotte just recently began liking it, so it sat idle for a little while, but she really loves it now! She can lay on her back underneath her play gym and be happy for a long time. So fun!
7. Our two carriers: the Ergo and the Sakura Bloom ring sling. Oh, these carriers are amazing! We use one or the other almost every day. Every Sunday we take the Ergo to church and Charlotte falls asleep while one of us is wearing her. I use the sling most often in the evening when Charlotte is a little fussy and wants to be held while I need to make dinner. I can wash dishes, cut veggies for salad, and prepare our entire meal with her snuggled up on me. Earlier this week I walked across the street to visit my neighbor with Charlotte in the sling. She fell asleep while we chatted and took a little cat nap before dinner.

I'm obviously not a veteran parent yet but I will happily sing the praises of all these products after three months of mommy hood. :)

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