Sunday, April 27, 2014

three months old!

Happy 3 months, baby girl! We love you so much!

Charlotte is so tall! When she stretches out after a nap or a feeding, she looks huge! I'm also proud to report that our skinny lady now has a roll on each leg. That makes me feel so good, knowing that I'm helping her to grow a little chub. According to our scale, she weighs 13 pounds. Wow!

Charlotte usually wakes up around 2am but a couple times lately has been hungry at midnight or 1am. I hope this doesn't last forever because I'm very tired, but I do kind of like snuggling and hanging out with her at night. Also- as of this week Charlotte doesn't seem to want to go back to sleep after her 6am feeding, so we will have to see how the schedule adjusts based on this new trend! 

I think (fingers crossed) that Charlotte is now able to put herself to sleep for both naps and night time. We can lay her down sleepy but not fully asleep and she will usually fuss for just a few minutes before falling asleep peacefully. We REALLY hope this trend continues!

On Tuesday, Charlotte had her first day with our friend Melissa. They had kind of a rough day; Charlotte was fussy and didn't nap well. I was so confused and upset until we realized that I hadn't been leaving enough milk in each bottle. Poor thing was hungry! The next day I added an ounce to each bottle and she was much more content... she napped for at least an hour every time, and one nap was two hours long! :)

Poor little worm got her first cold a couple weeks ago. It was so heartbreaking, but fortunately she seems to be feeling completely better. The humidifier and NoseFrida snot sucker were life savers during those ten days of sickness.

We think Charlotte's neck strength is improving. She turns her head to both sides very well now, and doesn't seem to favor the left as much. She is also getting a lot more tolerant of tummy time, which is really great!
Awesome stuff!
Joel and I have made a social baby! Charlotte loves loves loves being around people! She doesn't seem intimidated by noise or big groups of people. She gives out big smiles easily and enjoys looking around at everything that's going on. 
Charlotte has just started to show real interest in her IKEA play gym. She lays on her back and stares at the toys with interest. She can also bat at them and usually makes contact!

On Wednesday afternoon I went in to get Charlotte after her last nap. She was all bundled in her sleep sack, with her hands tucked up next to her face. When I said her name, she looked confused for half a second, then got the hugest grin on her little face. So cute!

During Easter weekend, Charlotte got to meet some extended family members. Her Great Granddaddy, great aunt, great uncle, and two of mom's cousins hung out with us for an afternoon.

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