Sunday, August 31, 2014

Seven months old!

Growth/ Health
At her 6 month checkup, which was just about 10 days ago, Charlotte weighed 16 pounds, 13.5 ounces. She was 28 3/4 inches long. Those measurements put her just above average for weight and off the growth charts for height (as usual). The doctor said, "That's no problem... she's just tall" :) We've put away all the 6 month onesies so Charlotte is in all 9 month clothing now.

As of this week, Charlotte has one little tooth popping through!! We can feel a spiky little spot in the front of her mouth and we expect to see it soon! I will miss that gummy grin...

She also has hair (finally!) and it's beginning to look a bit reddish. Still very light blond, but I'm noticing more and more red! 

This has been such a big month for Charlotte's development. She can sit for long periods of time on her own, with only the occasional tipping over. When she does tip, she usually just plays on her back and then eventually rolls to her tummy. She can roll both directions very well now. Every once in a while she gets "stuck" on her belly, but can almost always get herself unstuck... we're all much happier with her having mastered this new skill.

Charlotte's communicating in all sorts of ways, too. She is screaming with joy, whining with frustration, and fussing when we take away something she wants. (We have seen a lot of sass lately when she doesn't get what she wants. Look out, world!) She reaches out to be held and really likes to be in her mom or dad's arms. Something interesting is the way she watches people; I feel like she is just constantly learning by observing what others around her are doing.

I think Charlotte's sleep has been the best it's ever been this month. While we were on vacation she slept very poorly but ever since we arrived home she has been consistently falling asleep well for naps AND sleeping through the night almost every night. We very rarely have crying at nap time; she usually either falls asleep immediately or plays in her crib quietly/happily before settling herself down.

Once or twice she has dropped her mid-day nap, which makes her a bit fussier. On those days, though, I try to put her to bed shortly after nursing while she's relaxed. This makes her last nap start a bit early, and sometimes it ends early, but she seems to do okay with that change. It makes me wonder if she will drop her mid-day nap soon...(EDIT: pretty sure she has dropped the middle nap since I first started writing this post last week!)

If Charlotte sleeps through the night fully, Joel often checks on her around 6:30am. Sometimes she is already awake and other times she wakes up upon hearing him. They have a tiny bit of time together before he heads to work, then Charlotte has her first feeding of the day. She takes a morning nap about an hour after waking up from the night. Her mid-day nap begins anywhere from 10:30am to 12pm.  She nurses 5 or 6 times a day (usually roughly 6:30, 10, 1, 4, 6:30pm) and usually eats one "meal" of solids. We try to eat dinner all together before Charlotte goes to bed, but sometimes our schedule requires that we eat after she's asleep for the night. On those days I try to let her eat some solids for lunch, just to give her the experience. Lately she's eaten homemade lasagna, a couple handfuls of fried rice, pear, refried beans (at a Mexican restaurant), strawberries, and baby spinach.


Awesome stuff! 
It continues to make us giggle that Charlotte is such a social baby. Last week I had to work at a church event and Joel brought Charlotte over for a little while before bed time. She was thrilled to be passed around to four or five junior high girls and to take in all the hubbub. At one point I looked at the clock and realized it was 6:45pm and Charlotte hadn't shown a single sign of tiredness... girl must get her energy from people :)

For the past week or so, she has been reaching out her arms for us when she wants to be held. Once we're holding her, she immediately wants to play or look around (no quiet snuggles for this little lady!) but it feels so great that she wants to be in our arms. 

Also awesome- the way she moves! So many photos are blurry these days because Charlotte's body is constantly on the go! We get so excited when she rolls and scoots and waves her arms.

Still awesome- her singing & talking noises, her gummy grin, her long eye lashes, the way she smiles when she wakes up,  her interest in eating, her tall body, and just being around her.

There have been many days recently where I thank my lucky stars to have this girl as my daughter. She is just too precious and fun. She's also quite sassy and sometimes tries our patience. One day recently when I was changing her diaper, she kept trying to roll away, toward a toy in her closet. I had to speak firmly and say, "Wait!" She looked at me with surprised eyes... then paused... then continued rolling. I told her "Wait" and "No, Charlotte" two more times after that. (I also moved the toy so she couldn't see it any more, and that helped immensely :) )

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