Wednesday, September 3, 2014

beach, beach baby

A few weeks ago Charlotte visited the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

I knew from previous experience that she would be all about the water, but I wasn't sure how the sand and waves and hot sun would go.

It went great!

Our dear friends let us borrow their beach umbrella and it was AWESOME for keeping Charlotte cool and safe from the sun. I also read that baby powder removes sand from skin, so I took some along... amazing!

Charlotte played in the shallow water with me and with one of the junior high girls. She grabbed for the sand and rolled around on a big blanket under the umbrella. She also took a nap in the car both going to and coming from the beach, in addition to a short cozy nap in the ring sling after lunch.

I accidentally left my camera in my car at church (sad face!) but here are a few pictures from someone's iPod:

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