Wednesday, August 6, 2014

summer vacation, part 2

For Charlotte's second big vacation of the summer, we traveled to Ohio and Michigan to visit friends and relatives. Charlotte got to see her uncles and grandparents again, and also got to meet some extended family members and Joel's good friends from high school & college.

I can't even believe how amazing Charlotte was in the car for all 16+ hours of driving AND our 7 hours of travel home (via plane and train). She was unbelievably flexible, patient, and sweet, and I fell even more in love with her during this trip! I feel so blessed to have time with our friends and family during the summer months. Watching Charlotte grow alongside her loved ones is an absolute joy!

Here are some sweet pictures of our time, if you'd like to see.
 (Charlotte with her Dad during a stretch/nursing stop in Ohio)
 (How else to pass the long hours in an uncomfortable car seat....?)

 (Joel is such an amazing Dad. Charlotte loves him so much and has an absolute blast playing with him!)

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