Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dear Charlotte, 8

Dear little worm,

I have tried to marvel lately at your sassy little self. The way your toes point when you kick them in the air. How your eyelashes flutter when you are drowsy. The feel of your hands on my arm, or my shoulder, or my knee. Your uncanny ability to turn your neck incredibly far in both directions so you can see whatever is outside your peripheral vision. The way you giggle when I tickle your cheeks or your feet. How you roll and roll and roll and squirm and roll some more, to get the toy that has caught your attention. Your ability to play quietly and happily while I work. Your toothy grin greeting us after naps. The way you smile at strangers and wave your hands excitedly.

Your personality is really starting to shine. I can see some independence and some sass and some tenderness, all mixed up.

One funny story- yesterday you were ready to nurse before I had eaten lunch so I was super hungry myself. I grabbed a cheese stick to eat while I fed you, but you were distracted by me having it so nearby. I set you on the bed to grab a burp cloth and half a second later you were reaching for my cheese stick and putting it into your mouth. Like, "Oh, Mom, you aren't feeding me fast enough so I'll just take matters into my own hands." Ha!

I love you, Charlotte,

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