Monday, September 29, 2014

what Charlotte eats, 1

We usually give Charlotte solids at least an hour after nursing. We don't want her to be starving, but if she's full she won't really eat much so it can be a tricky balance. At dinner time she's usually pretty hungry and she ALWAYS nurses well even if she's just had a "meal" of solids with us.

A couple of weeks ago was Charlotte's first experience with peanut butter. After reading a little about allergies and consulting our pediatrician, we decided to give Charlotte a tiny bit of peanut butter in isolation (which we haven't done with any other food except eggs). For dinner that night, we only offered foods we already knew she wasn't allergic to, so we could identify any reaction as a result of the peanut butter. Fortunately, Charlotte loved peanut butter and didn't react negatively at all. I will offer it again in a small amount sometime in the near future.

And now, a rough list of some things Charlotte has been eating lately, for my own record-keeping, and in case anyone else is interested (doubtful).

Monday- chicken sausage with skin removed (not a big hit- made her gag multiple times), grilled potato wedge, green beans
Tuesday- butternut squash soup (with cumin and garam masala)-- HUGE hit!, biscuits
Wednesday- cucumber, 1/2 french fry, meatballs with sauce
Thursday- more meatballs, green beans, mandarin slices
Friday- fried egg w/ mozzarella cheese,
Saturday- (out to dinner) black beans, radish, grilled onion slice

Sunday- pizza slice, cucumber, tomato, chicken and rice soup
Monday- orange wedges, French fries (2), taco meat with homemade seasoning, black beans, spinach, avocado 
Tuesday- apple slice with peanut butter, leftover pizza slice, spinach, cucumber slice
Wednesday- roasted sweet potato, chunks of chicken (didn't eat- too small to hold), broccoli; hamburger chunks, corn on the cob, apple slice
Thursday- baked oatmeal, apple chunk, plain Greek yogurt, cucumber slice; roasted chicken slices, mashed potatoes

Also delicious-- the entire mandarin you find laying on the couch. Peel and all...

So far the only items receiving less than enthusiastic reviews from the youngest member of the Alberts family are baked oatmeal (makes me sad because I love it!) and plain Greek yogurt (though when I offered it again the next week, she ate it without any resistance...).


  1. She is so darling! That little bow! It sounds like you are having the time of your life, Kelly--so happy for you all <3

    1. Haha, I'm glad you like the bow. Joel hates it and looking back, I see that it's completely unnecessary :) Thanks, Annie. Miss you <3