Thursday, October 30, 2014

nine months old!

I find it very annoying that Charlotte's well visits are always AFTER she turns a new month. It's for insurance purposes, which I understand, but I don't like writing her monthly updates without official stats. So just stay tuned for her weight/height measurements in a week or two :) [edit: Charlotte weighs 18 pounds, 4.5 ounces and is 29.5 inches tall. She is in the 95th percentile for height and 50th percentile for height. Way to grow, Charlotte!]

Charlotte has had two colds in the last month. They don't seem to bother her too much, but she really doesn't like getting her runny nose wiped. Can't say I blame her...

On Wednesday of this week, I noticed her top left tooth is peeking through. It's barely visible, but I can spot it if the angle is just right.

"Charlotte is on the precipice of crawling" (says Joel). She is incredibly close, but also incredibly frustrated that she can't do it fully! She often plays in her crib for 20-30 minutes before falling asleep. We can hear her talking to herself (or maybe her owl...?) while she sits up, then flops onto her tummy, then rolls, then gets up on her hands and knees. Sometimes she cries a little bit before trying it all again. Today I found her (NOT napping!) kneeling in her crib, scratching her little finger nails on the wall and grabbing at the paper banner that's hanging there. Tonight we lowered her crib :)

Charlotte can stand on her own for long periods of time, and even knows how to pivot on her feet while holding on to something stable (like our coffee table). Her legs are strong!

The BEST thing Charlotte learned this month is giving kisses! She started doing it with Joel (wide, open mouth, leaning toward his nose!) but now she gives kisses to me, if I ask her for a kiss and she's in the mood. SO precious and hilarious!

We had about 10 days of very bad night-sleep with multiple wake-ups. Lately, though, we're back on track with Charlotte sleeping from 7pm to about 6:30am. She would probably sleep longer some days, but we usually wake her up so she can play with Joel a little before he goes to work.

Charlotte is eating solids at lunch and dinner, with an occasional breakfast thrown in (if she wakes up early!). She nurses about 6 times a day (sometimes 7) and her schedule is very similar to what it was last month.

Her morning nap is very consistent, and the afternoon nap was solid for a good long time, but it's been tricky a few times lately. Sometimes she plays so long in her crib that she isn't sleepy any more. A few times I've had to meet a student in the afternoon and Charlotte is so wiped that she takes a quick snooze in her car seat. Fortunately, as long as she gets at least a cat nap each afternoon, she still goes to bed relatively easily.

In preparation for the time change this Sunday, we've been pushing her bed time back 15-ish minutes for the last couple of days; we hope that on Saturday night she'll go to bed around 7:30pm and sleep 12 hours, which would hopefully have her waking up at 6:30 (due to the time change). Keep your fingers crossed for us ;)

Awesome stuff!
As always, Charlotte adores being outside. She will sit and pick up leaves for a while, then watch the cars go by, then scoot onto her tummy to reach an intriguing blade of grass.

Charlotte is also quite good at eating & drinking. She can hold her little glass really well & gets this look of satisfaction when she gets a big drink of water. She smacks her lips and grins at us :)

It's been fun to have guests visit our baby girl recently. We've had company every weekend so far this month and Charlotte really loves the social time :)

Charlotte has begun to show specific preferences and she voices her opinion loudly, especially if she disagrees with something. A couple times recently we've taken away something she shouldn't have and she immediately breaks into this mad/sad/surprised cry. Fortunately, it doesn't last long and we can redirect her. Unfortunately, it makes me laugh. Ha.

Charlotte loves: leaves, balloons, cell phones, straps and buckles, watches, keys, and books (but only her favorites, which are "Charlie & Lola," "On the Go," "Faces," and "Where's Spot"- a lift-the-flap book).

Some of her favorite activities are: playing with her dad, swinging on baby swings, looking at herself in the mirror, standing up, eating solid food, rolling around, nursing, going for walks, "playing" with other babies in the nursery, listening to me singing in the car, taking all the toys ( out of the wire toy basket in her room and inspecting each very carefully, and putting all sorts of things in her mouth.

There are many tiring days, being this girl's momma. Sometimes I wonder if I was crazy to stop teaching and spend all my waking hours taking care of Charlotte. But I am truly honored and humbled to have this job.

We've seen a little bit more sass from Charlotte lately; we're often torn between wanting to correct her quickly and just turn our heads to hide our laughter. Joel and I are both trying to be consistent in our correction and discipline. We're also praying for wisdom and patience.

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