Friday, October 3, 2014

teething today // 3

(This was written on Wednesday morning, October 1st, 2014. Today is a much brighter and happier day. But on Wednesday morning, I was ready to pull my hair out. So I wrote this... )

Teething today is awful, Charlotte Adeline.

You were up for over 2 hours last night, mostly screaming your head off. A few moments were quiet, as you snuggled onto your dad's shoulder and tricked him into thinking you were fast asleep. A few moments were confusing, as neither of us knew how to help you and we couldn't really help each other. Most of the moments were exhausting and all of the moments were difficult. We were frustrated and we were sad and we were so, so tired.

Teething today is diaper rash and an upset tummy (maybe not related to teething, but we can't be sure) and using disposables with diaper ointment, which you poop out of and roll around in all over your crib. Teething today is washing your sleep sack and your sheets and your PJs.

Teething today is Hyland's natural teething tablets stuck under your tongue, which you find curious and interesting.

It's tucking you in the Ergo because I can't handle the crying / heart break for more than 8 minutes. It's squatting in front of my laptop, typing blog posts and sending emails and scrolling through photos as I bounce to keep you sleeping. It's the sound of your breath and the sight of your sweaty head snuggled up next to your Screech on my chest. It's the quiet squeaks you make as you sleep.

Teething today is hard, Charlotte.

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