Monday, October 6, 2014

what Charlotte eats, 2

Something has been awry with Charlotte's digestive system lately and she had diaper rash for almost a week. Poor thing! Interestingly, she's still very enthusiastic about eating solids, so we've been having fun at meal times.

One funny thing: in the nursery last week, the teacher asked if she could give Charlotte Cheerios. I said that she had never eaten Cheerios, but agreed to let her try. Charlotte grabbed them in her fist (like she does all other food) and struggled to get them out of her first and into her mouth. The teacher said she needed to work on her fine motor skills and I immediately got defensive. I came home and defrosted some frozen peas & carrots and gave them to Charlotte for lunch. As she ate, I settled down and remembered that she's still young to have developed her pincer grasp. She isn't behind or lacking in any important skills; it just takes time to learn how to grab tiny things. Charlotte was the youngest in the nursery that day; all the other babies were at least a month older. I'm going to keep giving her tiny things to try, but I'm not going to get defensive about her fine motor skills again ;)

Charlotte has been eating...

Sunday- mashed potatoes, cucumber, one strip of steak (just licked off the seasoning, haha)
Monday- butternut squash soup, biscuit
Tuesday- roasted sweet potatoes (loved them!), asparagus, small pieces of chicken
Wednesday- homemade chili (LOVED it!), spinach, peas&carrots, avocado, corn muffin
Thursday- quinoa chicken broccoli casserole
Friday- cucumbers, mandarins, leftover quinoa
Saturday-cheese pizza, cucumbers, cheddar cheese chunks

Here are a few recipes we've enjoyed lately.
All are BLW-friendly and all were quite popular with our little foodie: 
1. Quinoa chicken broccoli casserole (crock pot!)
2. Pulled pork sandwiches (also in the crock pot!)
3. Greek yogurt biscuits
4. Crockpot Quinoa turkey meatballs (unfortunately, I cooked these on HIGH instead of LOW, so they were very dry. Charlotte didn't seem to mind...)
5. Dinner tonight: crock pot chicken parmesan (Anyone else sensing a crockpot theme here? No? Just me?)

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