Thursday, November 20, 2014

What Charlotte eats, 4

Charlotte is really getting the hang of drinking water from her little glass. She still spills sometimes, but I think that's usually because she's done eating and wants to play with Joel. When she drinks from her glass at lunch, she's much more focused on has a better handle on holding it carefully. 

I've been looking at water bottles on Amazon lately because my friend Melissa pointed out that it's not really feasible to carry shot glasses everywhere we go, so Charlotte will eventually need something to drink from when she's no longer nursing. I finally decided on a small version of the Nalgene bottles Joel and I use. Charlotte's is pink; I also ordered a splash guard, in hopes that having it slow the flow/splash of water will make it easier for her to drink water without spilling. We shall see :) 

People have asked me if Charlotte likes some foods more than others, and I'm finding that a tricky question to answer. We haven't found anything she totally refuses to eat but she definitely inhales a food one day, then shows little interest in the same food a few days later. Specifically, I have noticed this happening with egg: she sort of played with scrambled egg one morning for breakfast, but then ate the leftovers for dinner that evening. I think it probably depends on how hungry she is. I also noticed that she likes food in one form, but not necessarily in another. For example, she will DEVOUR butternut squash soup, but when I roasted chunks of butternut squash with a bit of curry powder, she wasn't really interested.

I am really really really hoping that introducing solids this way will curb the picky-toddler tendencies that are sure to come. However, I think food preferences are a normal part of growing and learning, so we will do our best to roll with them in the future.

Here are some things Charlotte's been eating lately:
Sunday- mandarin slices, pizza crust, guacamole, black bean paste, roasted sweet potatoes, cucumber slices
Monday- almond butter on toast, celery sticks dipped in hummus (she only ate the hummus), steamed broccoli
Tuesday- chicken sausage (cut into tiny pieces), cauliflower, string cheese
Wednesday- whole wheat rotini, peas, spinach, eggplant parmesan
Thursday- black beans, guacamole, banana, 2 raspberries, chicken pieces, sweet potatoes, peas
Friday- shredded cheddar, black beans, peas, taco chicken (shredded), French toast (without butter or syrup), fried egg with mozzarella cheese

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