Friday, January 9, 2015

Dear Charlotte. 10

You are doing the sweetest things nowadays, little one. I never want to forget how you are in this season with your fun, curious, adventurous spirit.

One of your favorite books, HUG, is a story of a little monkey who sees all the other momma and baby animals hugging but can't find his own mom to hug. He gets a ride from a friendly elephant and searches the jungle for someone to hug. You flip through the pages like a mad woman, hardly stopping to even glance at the pictures. 

But then, on the page where he meets his momma, you pay attention. 

You stop, grin, look over at me and clap your hands with glee. 

And I fall apart. 

It is unbelievably precious and I can hardly handle your darling smile and those tiny hands clapping. 

I blink back my tears and clap along and say, "Yay!! He found his momma! Hug hug hug hug hug!" 

(Of course, you usually shake your head when I hug you, but I don't take it personally.) 

Charlotte girl, you are the best. I am crazy about you. 


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  1. Oh that is so sweet!!! Amazing what she can understand and then react to! Love that :)