Monday, January 12, 2015

What Charlotte eats, 6

We have an eater on our hands, folks! Charlotte has been trying all sorts of new foods and continues to eat some of the old classics. A few months ago she wasn't into Greek yogurt OR my beloved baked oatmeal, but recently I tried mixing them together and THAT combination is an absolute winner! She eats it for breakfast most mornings. As long as she has at least 30 minutes after nursing before I offer breakfast, she will eat a good solid meal.

She eats so many things that I can't even keep track. This month we really noticed a decrease in the amount of milk she needs. She only nurses five times a day and often for just a short time because she's getting more solids and doesn't need quite as many liquid calories. Pretty exciting times!

Lately Charlotte has had:
Sunday- turkey, mashed potatoes, leftover pizza crust, cucumbers, banana, clementine slices, leftover guacamole
Monday- raw baby carrot dipped in hummus (she loves this combo!! She gnaws on the carrot for along time and shovels the hummus into her mouth like it's going out of style!); mashed potatoes, baked oatmeal with Greek yogurt, beef with taco seasoning
Tuesday- chicken sausage bits (loved 'em!), broccoli, couscous, leftover turkey, leftover mashed potatoes, clementine
Wednesday- taco chicken (shredded), cheddar cheese, black beans, pear slices (wasn't really interested in these) 
Thursday- potato gnocci with homemade pesto, green beans, banana
Friday- pear (for a snack- this time she loved it), pizza, organic unsweetened apple sauce, clementine
Saturday- clementine, avocado, turkey pot pie with homemade biscuits, oatmeal with Greek yogurt, one french fry

Charlotte has also started doing some funny, slightly rebellious, things while sitting in her chair. Even though she can use her glass perfectly, sometimes she spills the water on purpose or throws the glass into the floor to watch our reaction. She sneakily drops things on the floor when she is done eating and sometimes intentionally puts food into the seat next to her. We don't think it's lack of interest that causes her to do this, just curiosity and maybe a bit of desire for attention. 

She is definitely getting a bit more particular about what she chooses to eat. Lately she has LOVED: oatmeal with Greek yogurt, black beans, clementines, cheese, banana, avocado, hummus, peanut butter, and bread. She hasn't really liked: chicken, turkey, asparagus, or mashed potatoes.

And though she gets better and better at getting food INTO her mouth, she still hasn't mastered the art of NOT rubbing her messy hands through her clean hair. Check out the photos below :)

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  1. Good job, Miss Charlotte! Judah has started an infatuation with bananas. So much so we have to hide them...