Thursday, February 19, 2015

the season of YES

Last week Joel and I announced to our students some big news for our family: in July, we are moving across the country to the city of Everett, Washington.

The doors that have opened for us in the last few years are completely unbelievable to me now, looking back.

We had a hard season of NO, where I lost my job, we failed to get pregnant though we desperately wanted to grow our family, and Joel was turned down for multiple school leadership positions. God remained constant and faithful, despite our doubts and fears.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude to now be in a season of YES!

Yes, we got pregnant and delivered a healthy, beautiful baby girl! Yes, I got a teaching job. Yes, I got a perfect part-time job that allowed me to stay home with Charlotte most days. Yes, our daughter is growing well and just turned one!

And yes, finally, Joel gets to pursue his dream of becoming a Christian school principal.

In early December, a small Christian school in Washington flew all three of us to the Seattle area so Joel could spend a long weekend interviewing, meeting students, talking with teachers, and getting to know the area. It was an intense weekend and we were all exhausted. Three days after we returned home, they called to say the school board had voted unanimously to call Joel as their next principal. He accepted the job two days later.

We've managed to keep the news close for a while, since we needed to coordinate how/when to tell our students. Joel wanted to talk to his classes on the same day I announced to my junior high students, so there wouldn't be any spreading of the news around town. Now that it's out in the open, expect a few more blog posts as I process the huge adjustments to come.

I go back and forth between elation and heartbreak, sometimes changing my mind every minute. I've come to call this place home and I mourn the loss of our house, our neighborhood, Joel's school community, our church, my job, and our local friends. At the same time, we are so incredibly grateful for God's provision in giving Joel this job and giving our family this opportunity to travel and grow and adventure together.

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