Monday, March 30, 2015

Fourteen months!

At fourteen months, Charlotte loves: riding her bike, playing "chase", dogs (and animals in general), balls, stuffed animals, going up and down steps, food, exploring the house, slides (and the playground in general), going outside, wrestling, her Dada, looking out the van window, looking at pictures of herself, and giving kisses (by bringing her forehead to yours- no lips are involved. So cute!!).

Charlotte is good at: taking 4-6 steps at a time, clapping for herself whenever she falls after walking, waving at people, lighting up the world with her sweet smile, growing golden curly locks, and falling asleep easily for naps and bedtime (with a few exceptions, of course). 

Words: same as last month, except she doesn't really say Momma very often anymore. Ha. (Something cute: Charlotte has started saying "wawa" in her sweet little voice whenever she sees someone with a drink. We try to explain that it's actually coffee (or soda, or beer, or juice), but she doesn't understand that yet. :))

Signs: same as last month, plus now she can sign "please" (See photo below: Charlotte signing "more")

Favorite foods: chicken salad, bananas, berries of any kind, bread, roasted potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes. 

Great things this month: Charlotte grew two new teeth this month, bringing her current total to eight. She also went to Center City Philadelphia for the first time and saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. This month Charlotte has become borderline obsessed with her stuffed lamb, Lily ("Lala"). Lily goes in the car, on stroller rides, in Charlotte's beloved box, and even for rides on the Y Bike. It's hilarious to me that she loves Lily so much-- now if only Lily weren't white and already turning a disgusting shade of grayish brown... yuck. 

Words to describe Charlotte at 14 months old: stubborn, determined, silly, curious, playful, active. 

Gosh, this is a fun age. I can't imagine 15 months being more fun, but I bet it will be. We love you, Charlotte girl. 

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