Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Winter capsule wrap-up

I've been inspired by one of my new favorite bloggers to do some kind of summary, wrap-up, re-cap of my winter capsule wardrobe.

Now that spring is (finally!) here to stay, I'm boxing up some of my heavier sweaters and putting away my boots. I'm not throwing anything away, and many of my capsule items are also going to be part of my spring capsule (more on that soon!). I'm also not planning on donating much- my current pile for the thrift store is mostly junk that we had hanging around the house, not old clothes that I'm tired of. I consider that a real win. Maybe in future seasons I will be able to keep this capsule idea going and not immediately purge all sorts of un-wanted and un-worn items at the end of every season. 

 Alright-- on to my re-cap.

Favorite items: chunky gray sweater from Everlane, light red T-shirt from GAP, dark Levi skinny jeans, low black boots. 

Least favorite item: gray v-neck from Everlane. I am really disappointed with this T-shirt. The fabric has not held its shape well at all, through a winter of wash and wear. The v is also too low, even with a tank top underneath. Bummer. 

Favorite outfit combinations: 1. skinny jeans, t-shirt of any kind, black boots, and chunky sweater; 2. Khaki cords, black boots, black long T, with fun, colorful jewelry or scarf. 

Lessons learned: 1. add a bit more color next winter-- the grays and blacks got a bit tedious with the dark, gloomy winter weather. 2. Also-- accessorize more! 3. Take more photos! I don't have documentation of the outfits I wore, so I think it will be harder to remember how things worked together when I pull all my winter clothes out this coming fall. 

Things to remember for future capsules: pay for quality pieces from companies I trust and whose styles match mine. Everlane was a new-to-me company this past fall and though I'm very happy with my chunky sweater from there, it was a risk to purchase two t-shirts when I wasn't familiar with the way they would fit. This is a significant downside of purchasing clothes online. 

Overall, I am very pleased to have experimented with a capsule wardrobe this winter. It was interesting to pay attention to my personal "style" and having some staples I could mix and match made it much easier to put on real clothes, even when I was hanging around the house with kids all day long. :) 

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