Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stitch Fix 1

A few months ago I blogged about starting my first capsule wardrobe. Though I'm now tired of my "winter" capsule (and am dying for spring!), I was really content with the things I included and was very satisfied by the creation of my capsule. Read more about my capsule here & about the woman whose ideas I followed here.

(Note: I'm sorry to say taking photos of the outfits I created with my capsule just didn't happen. I haven't used my real camera much recently. Hopefully that will change now that the daylight is sticking around longer...)

Anyway, since I created my first capsule, I've been on the lookout for high-quality basics that can be mixed, matched, and worn over and over again. Since the weather is starting to change, I'll be wanting to create a spring capsule soon and I'm looking everywhere for sources of inspiration. In addition to Pinterest and online retailers, my biggest source of inspiration is other bloggers, many who use the company Stitch Fix.

I finally decided to take the plunge and try Stitch Fix for myself this week. I filled out a very simple profile on their website, linked to a Pinterest board I'd created, and chose a date to have my 5 items delivered. The cost up front is $20. If you don't keep any of the items, you are out 20 bucks, but if you want to purchase any of the items from your fix, the $20 is credited to your account and goes toward whatever you buy. I'm really impressed with the company, their website, and their attention to detail.

Want to see what I got in my fix? Want to know what I thought of everything? Keep reading! (And please please please ignore the horrible overhead lighting in my bedroom! Ick!)

My first fix was really in tune to my usual style! I was impressed that my stylist, Jen, gave me multiple options with stripes and lots of neutral colors. Looking back, I felt like my winter capsule was really neutral and I'm getting a bit antsy to add some color to my wardrobe. However, the fact that my stylist got so close to what I usually wear makes me VERY impressed with her and with Stitch Fix overall. Nice job, Jen!

Okay, let's talk about item 1: this black and white striped sweater.

This was immediately my favorite item in this fix. I LOVE the black and white stripes and I LOVE the weight of the sweater! It was loose and soft and a really nice texture for spring (layered with just a basic tank underneath). What made me decide against keeping the sweater is the material: it's lightweight, but also sort of fragile-feeling. The neck had a pill in it, right out of the box. I quickly realized it's not going to work for me with my toddler toting lifestyle. Bummer!

Items 2 & 3: dark wash skinny jeans and a black/gray flowy cardigan.

The jeans were totally off. They were my usual size, but were loose in all the wrong places, plus they were way too long. When I give feedback about my fix, I'm going to ask for any future pants to be "ankle" length or "short" because my legs are often too short for regular sized jeans and pants. I know this, but failed to mention it in my style profile. Big oops on my part!

The black and gray sweater was REALLY soft and really cute. It would be a great layering piece for spring and would also work over tank tops on cool summer evenings. Ultimately, though, I decided not to keep the sweater because I already have some similar options AND because it's black. I don't really need more black in my wardrobe right now :)

Item 4: another sweater: solid black

The material of this sweater felt really weird. If I wore colored jeans or lots of colorful skirts in the spring, I might consider keeping it, but that's just not my reality. Plus, black. I'm over it right now. Sending it back.

Item 5: gray and white striped sweater (VERY soft and light weight!)

I THINK I may keep this sweater. I tend to have a lot of gray in my wardrobe, but I feel this would be easy to wear with fun earrings and a solid colored scarf this spring. The fabric is AWESOME-- so soft and flexible and light. I felt super comfortable wearing it and could move around easily. Charlotte was sleeping so I can't be sure, but I imagine the sweater would be perfect for carrying her around and reading books on the living room floor. :)

Something cool that Stitch Fix offers is these little cards with ideas for how to style each item in your fix. It's great inspiration and helps you think outside the box.  I realize now that I should have tried everything on with shoes/boots, not my goofy black socks. Oh, well.

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix (and you definitely should try it!!), please use my referral link. I get $25 credit for each person who orders a fix using my link. I'd love to try another fix some time soon and having some company credit would make me more willing to take the plunge.

Also-- if you want some great tips on making the most of your fix, read this post. Such great ideas!

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