Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Currently: early May

Wearing: maternity clothes, TOMS, and some brown strappy sandals that I must have bought last year, but totally forgot about!

Cooking: tortilla soup, chicken sausages on the grill, pasta salad (ultimate summer weather food in my opinion)

Purchasing: new shoes and sandals for Charlotte. We got her first shoes in October and she is just now outgrowing her size four sneakers. I ordered new stride rite sneaks in 4.5 and got her some classic saltwater sandals for summer weather. 

Feeling: grateful because we got an offer on our house and are now waiting for a home inspection to be done on Monday. Also feeling overwhelmed by all that has to be done in the next month, in addition to the emotions that come with pregnancy and motherhood. Ahh, the feelings!

Wondering: is this new babe a boy, or a girl? We hope to find out on May 14. Joel thinks it's a girl, but just this week I started wondering if maybe it's a boy... 

Smelling: the lilac bush outside our kitchen window is delightful. It's technically in our neighbor's yard, but it's close enough to smell from our house. Love it!

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