Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dear Charlotte 17: imitation games

My dear, sweet, wonderful girl, 

You are cracking us up lately! 

Sometimes at the dinner (or breakfast) table, I catch your dad just sitting and staring across the table. At you. :) 

When I catch his eye, he says, "I just like watching her."

And darling, I feel the same way.

You are amazing. We love you with our whole hearts. We are fascinated by the way you are growing. 

Something new in your development is the art of imitation. You have started mimicking things we do, acting them out on your beloved stuffed animals. 

You pat your owl's back, and make your bear lay down and snore. 

You bring Lily to the table, attempt to buckle her into your booster, and "feed" her some of your snack, lunch, or dinner. 

You rock your baby doll and say "Shhhhh...."  to comfort her. 

Sometimes I find you in the bathroom, holding your turtle over the little potty in the corner. 

When we walk down the street, you call "Bye byeeeee" to every animal, plant, car, and house we pass on our way. You give your animals books to read, as you all sit squashed together in your crib. 

Charlotte girl, I am proud of you. I love being your momma. I'm excited for you to meet your brother soon, and to learn to care for him. 

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