Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pregnancy update 7: baby #2

How many weeks: 34 and counting

Total weight gain: about 22 pounds. No gain since my last appointment two weeks ago. 

Baby news: our little man is growing and moving and shaking. He is measuring right and his heartbeat was strong last week's midwife appointment. I have been on medication for my thyroid during this pregnancy and based on my last blood draw, the dosage is good. I will continue to take the meds after baby boy is born. Under active thyroid can cause some milk supply issues, so I definitely want to be careful even after delivery. 

Maternity clothes: yes, duh. Still rocking my awesome denim shorts. But lately a few of my tank tops aren't totally covering this bump... Ha. 

Symptoms: tired, achy, off and on heartburn, leg cramps that wake me up and then hurt for days. Still some Braxton hicks contractions that come randomly. Also- kind of weepy. Tonight at dinner Joel was talking about a girl our friends adopted from foster care and my eyes filled with tears. Golly. 

Thoughts: tonight I told Joel I feel like this baby might come early. I'm also just really  excited. And... a little tired of being pregnant and a little bit sad for my days alone with Charlotte to end. 

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