Saturday, August 15, 2015

What we got for the new baby

File under: you don't need nearly as much stuff with the second kid! 

Wow. I thought we did fairly well keeping our baby registry and baby purchases contained to a reasonable amount. BUT now that the time is near for our little guy to arrive, I realize how much we have and how little we actually need! 

I've definitely bought a few things for little man that we don't need. You know, a sweet matching outfit/ hat from Zulily. And some booties from a consignment shop. And a striped beanie from one of my favorite independent shops. All that good stuff. Because c'mon: new baby!! 

In addition to those little purchases, we've mostly used gift cards to buy some newborn essentials that either we don't have on hand any more, or just need to replenish after having Charlotte about 18 months ago. Here's what we recently ordered (from babies r us and Amazon- we got generous gift cards to both). 

A four ounce Lifefactory bottle with level one nipple. I'm excited to try these out with our guy- we used another type when C was tiny and I like Lifefactory much better, but not sure whether this brand will influence nipple confusion with nursing. TBD. 

Soft, foam bath pad. We had one with Charlotte and used it for nine months. It got moldy and we threw it away, but the replacement was only $7. 

A big package of newborn diapers. I'm dreaming of using cloth with baby 2 pretty quickly because I feel confident about it this time around, and we will already be washing Charlotte's cloth dipes, so why not? But for the first couple of weeks: pamper swaddlers.

Medium size light weight sleep sack. The medium we have from charlotte is pretty thick/warm, but I imagine baby boy using this size when the weather is hot, so I got a thin sleep sack for him. Plus.... Turtles! 

Contoured burp cloths. I'm all kinds of picky this time around about not wanting those cheap burp cloths that fall off your shoulder and are bulky and annoying. Since we had a gift card, I got some nice ones :) 

Munchkin waterproof changing table liners. We change C on a towel on the bathroom counter, but newborns tend to pee during changes so we hope these waterproof liners will mean less frequent replacement of the towel underneath. We shall see. 

2 pacifiers. 

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