Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nineteen months!

Phew, I'm already 11 days late with Charlotte's update... Who knows if I'm going to make it to two years with these things, if I can't keep up even before the baby is born!! :) 

At nineteen months, Charlotte wears mostly 18-24 month clothing, especially her jeans. She can wear 2T in leggings and t-shirts because she is tall, but her skinny bum doesn't hold up pants that big quite yet. Last week I bought her some sneakers in size 6, thinking she would need them next month when I'm busy nursing a newborn and unable to make quick Target runs. But then last night I felt her toes jabbing into the end of her size five sneaks, and realized we better bust out the new ones already. Wow!

Charlotte loves reading books, looking at photos and videos of herself, playing with stuffed animals, pushing around a little airplane cart that we borrowed from a friend, wrestling, eating snacks, and going to the playground. She has recently started dressing her animals in cloth diapers, shoes, socks, and pajamas. It is the most hilarious thing and we are dying over how grown up she has become! 

Charlotte does not like getting buckled into her car seat. Actually, I would say she HATES getting into her car seat. She also doesn't like being told NO, or being given too many directions about what she should and should not be doing. She doesn't like to eat tomatoes or asparagus. 

Charlotte is good at: running, helping with "chores" around the house, following directions, repeating new words, cleaning up her messes, "swimming" on her belly in the bathtub and kicking her feet, closing doors, making piles, and organizing things with her own (unknown to us!) system. 

Favorite foods: berries, yogurt, cheese, "juice" (mixed with water), anything dipped in ketchup or Ranch dressing, pasta (especially macaroni and cheese). 

Parenting challenges: we have a very smart, very opinionated girl on our hands. It's challenging to know when to put our foot down, when to just relax, and when to give a leg spanking. Depending on the day and the circumstances, we have done all three. And all three have proven to be very effective, again depending on the time and situation. Charlotte is a fun, joyous child and we are really really really enjoying her lately. But there are challenges, too, of course. 

Charlotte girl, happy nineteen months. We love you and are so proud to be your parents!! 

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  1. Precious!!! She looks so grown up in the last 2 pictures!!! :)