Saturday, November 21, 2015

Chats with Charlotte 1

Our big toddler girl is soooo chatty these days. She cracks us up with her running commentary and has a million opinions about everything. 

Some of my favorite things she says, at 22 months:
Oh, my! 
Alpacas! Okay! 
Mom. Dad. Asher. Charlotte. 
Airplane! Sky! Wow! 
Snails. Okay! 
Asher. Toot. Asher. :)
Okay? Okay. 
Stool. WaWa. Stool. WaWa. (This series of statements gets repeated over and over until I get the stool out of the closet and put it near the sink so she can play in the water.)
Nigh night. 
Cougar. Bear. Lily. Play. 
Spin, spin, spin, dip. (These are her dance moves ;) )
Up! Up! 
No, no, no, no, no! (Okay, I hate when she says No, but it must be included because many many many of her chats these days involve that two letter word!)
Pease. Okay.

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