Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Asher: 2 months old

As of two weeks ago, Asher weighed twelve pounds, one ounce. I'm guessing he is closer to thirteen pounds, now, but we didn't have a two month check up so I'm not sure. He was way above his "peers" in height and weight, and is significantly bigger than his sister was at this age. (She weighed about eleven and a half pounds at two months!) 

He just started smiling and is bringing great joy to all of us. We can't get enough of his little coos and that gummy grin! 

When people ask, I say that Asher is a better eater than Charlotte was, but a worse sleeper. We were much stricter with sleep training Charlotte and it really worked well! 

Just this past week we started making Asher go to bed in the travel crib instead of the swing. There were some tears, but not too many. :) He takes his naps all over the place, since he has to live his life around his sister's activities. If he got to choose, he would always sleep snuggled up against momma or dad in the Ergo or ring sling. 

Though he doesn't have as consistent of a routine as Charlotte, there are patterns to his day. He typically gets up for the day between 7 and 8. He is awake for about 1.5 hours before taking a long nap (2 hours, sometimes!) He has a good awake/ play time around lunch and then often naps after nursing while Charlotte is napping. In the evening he naps in the carrier while I play with Charlotte, make dinner, and then eat dinner. He is almost always awake for about an hour, but then is ready to nurse and go to sleep by 7:15pm. He is definitely getting some calories in during the night. He rarely goes more than three hours between feedings, especially now that he is sleeping flat on his back and doesn't feel as snuggled. 

I would definitely say he is easy going. He cries if hungry or tired, or if his sister throws a ball at his head. Otherwise, Asher is a content little boy and we are crazy about him. 

Happy two months, sweet babe.

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