Saturday, December 26, 2015

Asher: three months old

As I type this post, Asher is screaming his head off in his car seat on the way to the airport. If there is one thing he hates, and I think there is only one... it's the car seat. We keep thinking he will get used to it, or cry himself to sleep, but he doesn't. He can scream for over an hour in that thing, especially if it's dark and he can't see what's going on around him. Ugh, driving with him is the worst part of life right now. 

Otherwise, our boy is an absolute delight. He grins and coos and watches the world with serious concentration. He is mellow and engaging and beyond adorable!!

Growth/ development: we don't know Asher's exact weight, but I would guess it's between 14 and 15 pounds. He has outgrown his three month clothing and is firmly in the 6 month camp right now. He is tall and strong and very solid. Also- his round belly gives me all the heart eyes!! 

Sleep: Something that revolutionized sleep in Asher's life this month is that we started putting him to bed on his belly. After watching him nap that way for a couple of days, and being confident that he could turn his head to breathe, we tried having him sleep on his tummy at night. He sleeps SO SO SO much better. He can soothe himself by wiggling around, rubbing his face on the mattress, and eventually settling down peacefully. Two thumbs up for more sleep! 

Asher's schedule is becoming a bit more predictable lately. He usually goes to bed at 7 and gets up for the day around 8. He wakes up once or twice at night, nurses, and goes right back to sleep. He takes a long morning nap and either 2 or 3 shorter naps throughout the day. He nurses about 8-9 times, on average, but not at any specific times. 

Asher loves: watching his sister, nursing, being worn by momma and dad, laying on his back and kicking his legs, cooing, taking baths with Charlotte, smiling at himself in the mirror, looking around, and waving his arms. 

Asher doesn't like: the car seat, being awake for too long, taking a bottle, the car seat, and pacifiers. And the car seat ;)

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