Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stitch Fix: March 2016 (my last fix for a while)

I got the best note from a stylist in this Fix!! Angelique, who I have never had as a stylist before, wrote specifically about my Pinterest board and expressed enthusiasm about my desire to work toward a capsule wardrobe. She sent items that were very similar to things I pinned, including an awesome red pair of TOMS, which I love, but don't plan to keep.

Here are some photos of the pieces in my Fix, with a bit of feedback. Below, I'll explain why this is going to be my last Fix for a while. 

TOMS run big and stretch because they are canvas. I typically wear an 8.5 in shoes, but wear a 7.5 in TOMS. This red pair is an 8.5, based on the shoe size I gave in my Stitch Fix profile, and are much too big. I also can't really justify buying red shoes, because they don't go with enough of my clothing. But, gosh they're cute. (Note- I haven't tried it, but apparently Stitch Fix will sometimes exchange for a different size of an item, if they have it. Nice feature of a company, though I don't have the experience myself.)

I was disappointed in the pants shown below because I'd seen great things written about the brand. However, they felt kind of cheap and were too stretchy, plus they were a 6 long. Ugh-- my profile says I consider my legs to be short, and prefer 'ankle' length pants. It's very annoying to me that I got a long length of pants in this fix. I tried to sell them on a facebook group I'm in, but nobody was interested. Bummer. 

I thought this plaid shirt was super cute, and it was different enough from some of my other shirts for me to consider keeping it. My only complaint is that it wasn't quite long enough and cut off my torso in an awkward spot. Disappointing. 

This super cute striped shirt is almost exactly like the navy blue shirt I kept in my last fix. I tried to take a photo of the tie back, but it ended a bit awkwardly , as you can see below :) I LOVE the black and white stripes, and the length and fit were really good for me. But the material is very thin and clings to my belly too much for my liking. 

Now, this chambray shirt was unique. I love a good chambray, and the varying shades on this one were kind of intriguing. The back was different, too, kind of cut open at the bottom (hard to explain), and I tried to take a picture but was unsuccessful. But, I'm a completely die-hard fan of the chambray shirt I currently own and am not ready to even consider sharing my love with another. So it's going back as well. 

Stitch Fix and I have had a good run, but I'm going to stop scheduling fixes for now.

Here's why: first, I no longer have any credit from referring friends to the company. Second, because I'm seeking to build "capsule wardrobes" each season, and ultimately to have a limited number of clothing items in my possession, I'm usually on the hunt for very specific items. Stitch Fix is amazing for experimenting and trying to step outside my fashion box, but I'm not at a point in my life where I really want to experiment. I would rather spend my money on high quality basics and a few hand picked accessories. I already have a spring wardrobe wish list going, and none of the items I've been getting from Stitch Fix are on that list. 

I've said it before: Stitch Fix is a great company and the idea behind style Fixes is a good one. But I'm taking a break, happily and with no regrets. :)

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