Saturday, March 19, 2016

Chats with Charlotte 4

"How 'bout...." (As in, "how 'bout gummy bears," or, "how 'bout that one...")

"Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom! Go outside, Mom!"

"Asher loves watch Daniel Tiger."

"Dad loves macaroni cheese." 

"Dad loves eat gummy bears."

"Asher loves go outside."

"Okay, Dad? Dad, get hurt."

"Momma, okay? Okay, Mom?"

"Goodnight. Mom, Dad, Asher, Charlotte. All take a rest together."

"Mom, Mom! Play wild games on Charlotte's big girl bed!"

"Maybe..." (As in, "maybe that book," or, "maybe this way...")

"Go jump in puddles!!"

"Bear, pick you up, just a minute. Okay, Bear? Okay."

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