Saturday, March 19, 2016

Asher: six months old

Growth/ development: Asher's six month checkup is later this week, so we will know his exact weight and height then. He wears size three diapers, size four at night. Most of his clothing is 12 month, but he can wear some 9 month onesies. All PJs are 12+ months- this guy is very long! 

Asher is very close to sitting up on his own for longer periods of time. He is an expert at rolling to his tummy, but very rarely rolls to his back. He can make himself scoot backward when he is on his tummy, which is new and exciting this week. His arms and core are really strong... He can do push ups and scoot around to reach whatever he wants to grab. 

Sleep/ schedule: Asher sleeps about twelve hours at night, lately waking up once to nurse (usually between 3 and 4am). He takes three naps each day; the timing is similar to last month. Usually the first nap is the best, and it can last about one and a half or two hours. If I'm very lucky, his mid-day nap coincides with Charlotte's and I have some time to get things done. If not, Asher and I play and snuggle and nurse and play while Charlotte sleeps, and I put him down for his last nap shortly after she gets up.

(Edit: since first typing this post, Asher has a new pattern of waking up multiple times each night!! Ugh! I am very, very tired. Though I know letting him cry some would be good for him- and the rest of us- long term, I've been taking the lazy approach and nursing him back to sleep every time. Doh!)

Asher likes: being outside, swinging, looking at himself in the mirror, being with Charlotte, falling asleep while nursing, engaging/ "talking" to people, playing on his tummy, sleeping on his tummy, kicking his legs, working on sitting up, riding in the stroller, and grabbing for toys, balls, etc.

Asher doesn't like: playing alone, being out of sight of his momma/ Charlotte, drinking milk from a bottle (though he would be happy to chew on and play with a bottle all day long).

Big things this month: Asher had a lot of company this month! His Grandmommy Nelson came at the beginning of March, and his Alberts grandparents and Uncle Nate came to visit at the end of March. 

He also tried real food!! Baby led weaning is supposed to start at six months, but we cheated-- dinner time was becoming so stressful because Asher wanted to be eating food that I just broke down and let him try some! :) 

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